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Monday 28 October 2013

Barb's Fish and Chips Floating Seafood Restaurant, Victoria, BC - tasty deep fried oyster burger in scenic Fisherman's Wharf

We walked around the harbor and took in the sights to help digest some of the food we had at the Fairmont Empress' High Tea, Red Fish Blue Fish (yes, we had both int eh same afternoon woooo!) and then slowly made our way to the water taxis so we could boat it over to the scenic Fisherman's wharf and Barb's Fish and Chips for dinner. 
We explored the grounds surrounding the Fairmont Empress hotel...

Basked in the sun with other families, tourists, locals... and admired the legislature grounds

Then headed down to the harbor as folks were starting to set up music and snack trucks

Then it was water taxi time! You can drive to Fisherman's wharf, but since we had already paid for parking for the evening, we took the scenic watery route!

Once we got to Fisherman's wharf, we gawked at the neat house boats on the wharf..

as well as real boats before we headed to Barb's
the FOOD
We're given a pager that buzzes to let us know when our order is ready.  29 years and going strong!

We were still pretty full from everything we ate earlier, so we ended up sharing a deep fried oyster burger, even though I wished I had room/breathing space for their excellent chowder we had the last time we were here.  Lightly battered perfectly cooked savory nomnomnom oysters are packed into this soft brioche like sweet bun and loaded up with lettuce, tartar sauce and tomatoes.

I could eat these fried oysters by the bucket! Mmm!  There sadly wasn't  bucket of these lovely, but a nice tossed green salad with your choice of dressing to help cut the fried goodness, and extra tartar sauce on the side... you can never go wrong with more tartar sauce!

We boated back and hiked back to our car, taking in the sights...

Set in a lovely quaint wharf full of unique houseboats, its a neat place to go for delish fried oysters.. and I'll be back for their delish chowder!!

Barb's Fish and Chips Floating Seafood Restaurant
Fisherman's Wharf, Erie Street,Victoria, BCV8V
Phone (250) 384-6515
Hours March-October - Open Daily from 11:00am until dark

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