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Wednesday 4 March 2015

Weekend breakfast brunch thin crust pizza with eggs, capicollo, pancetta, mozzarella cheese and sweet onions!

I love weekend brunches.. whether its getting together with friends for a brunch potluck (see our EYC brunch series here!), heading out to nosh on a lazy brunch, or rolling out of bed after a nice sleep in and tossing something together in the kitchen... its a glorious meal time!  The last few weekends, I've been tossing together thin crust pizzas and here's one of the winners: a thin crust pizza topped with warm melty oogey gooey cheese, and all the elements of breakfast: pancetta stepping in for bacon, a hit of capicollo as ham and or course... nice and runny sunny side up eggs! Soooo awesome as breafast, brunch or heck whenever you want! Read on for the recipe...
I was lazy and rather than making scratch pizza dough (I already made a quick and easy scratch roasted tomato sauce recipe, click here for the recipe), so I bought freshly frozen pizza doughballs from Italian Market the night before and defrosted them in the fridge overnight.  You can use store bought pizza dough, flat bread of even pita bread works in a pinch!
Pizza dough
tomato sauce
cheese: I used mozzarella and marble
1-2 eggs/person per personal pan pizza
diced sweet onion

How to
1) If using fresh/defrosted pizza dough, with clean hands, stretch it out into either a round or oval-ish shape, working in a circular fashion around the edges. Toss into the air at your own risk - folks will fall over laughing if you toss it hard enough to stick to the ceiling. Try to make your dough even in thickness but don't stress too much about it if it looks weird - its not meant to be perfect, and you can always mush it back into a ball and try again. If it gets sticky, lightly grease your hands with olive oil.
2) Top the flattened and stretched out pizza dough with a couple tablespoons of tomato sauce - enough to lightly coat it or it may get a bit soggy. A single pizza dough ball from Italian Market makes 2 fair sized pizzas or one big 10-12 inch one. I used a Wilton non-stick pizza pan - just make sure you put some foil underneath it on a lower oven level to catch any leaks

3) Top with cheese.. yum! I kinda over cheesed this pizza, oh well!

4) Top with capicollo, capicollo or capicolla - it all spells yummy for this traditional Italian dried cured pork. I love using a mild version just to give a touch of heat to the pizza

5) Top with some finely diced bits of pancetta - Italian salt cured bacon (can't have brunch without bacon!) and finely diced bits of sweet onion

6) Crown the glorious pizza with a freshly cracked egg (or 2 depending on how big your pizza is) and toss in a preheated 350F oven for 10-12 minutes (10min if you like a super runny egg, 12min if you like your egg completely cooked through

7) Dig into your very own awesome weekend brunch pizza!

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