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Wednesday 25 February 2015

One day in Augsburg, Germany: Stadtmarkt farmer's market and Augsburg Rathaus, then Legoland! (Part 1)

On our way to Germany's Legoland, we stopped off in Augsburg for some food, farmer's market-ing and sight seeing. Augsburg is the third largest city in Bavaria and Germany's third oldest city, being founded in 15BC and named after the Roman emperor Augustus.

Arriving in Augsburg bright and early, we stopped off at a random bakery that was open - Fingang Cafe for a tasty cheese pretzel.

Then we drove around (we still haven't gotten the hang of reading the tiny road signs in German affixed to the side of buildings (instead of on street signs) yet, and eventually figured out where to park and were some of the first early birds at the Stadtmarkt, Augburg's farmer's market!

There's a wealth of flowers


 and more at the various indoor and outdoor covered stalls at the Stadtmarkt!

We wanted something sweet after the salty savoury cheese pretzel, so we noshed on a random raspberry filled huge donut from Brot 'n Bretz'n

Then we hiked over to the city hall or Augsburg Rathaus. The original was built in 1385, and then had a Renaissance make over in 1615, bombed in WWII and completely restored inside and out by 1985.

Its most noted inside for the Goldener Saal, or Golden Hall. Its a completely decked out in gold covered columns, paintings and really, you won't be out of place (or the only one gawking upwards) at all the opulence.

After the tour of the Augsburg Rathaus, we hiked back to the car and drove a bit to Germany's Legoland woohoos!! Then we came back to Augsburg for a delicious meal and beer at Riegele Wirsthaus Beir and Speisen!

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