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Monday 5 January 2015

Café Blackbird, Edmonton, AB - Tasty simple fare made with locally sourced ingredients at relaxed Crestwood community location

Few days after Edmonton got whomped with several feet of snow back in late November last year, our accountant suggested we head out to Café Blackbird to meet up on the weekend. As long as they serve hot caffeinated beverages - ding ding ding! :D Situated right in the Groot Dermatology strip mall, you're greeted by delicious savory smells and the aromatic scent of coffee when you walk in.  Regulars make a beeline for "their" tables, while the rest of us meander to find a table with the winter sunlight filtering in through the front windows, brightening up the warm neutral tones of of the café.

We warmed up with a Chai Latte - nicely made with Cally's tea, a bit of creamy froth and tasting of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and maybe cloves in there.. mmmm. My fiancé had the London Fog (no pic cuz I think my phone ate it) which had nice vanilla-y notes and warmed us up. Our accountant beat us to the cafe and was sipping away at a diet coke.

We got the munchies, so I ordered a gigantic Croque Monsieur, which we asked to cut up into four small pieces (its basically the size of 2 sandwiches in one).  Its a simple toasted sandwich of Cob's bread, cheese and ham.. and it totally hits the spot with savory ooey gooey cheesey happiness. It could have used a bit more tiem getting toasted so all the cheese melts, but not complaining!

While we waited for the Croque Monsieur to toast, we noshed on a slice of Irene's freshly baked Lemon Poppyseed loaf and a decadently rich Chocolate walnut brownie covered with a generous layer of dark chocolate frosting... dessert first, a definite advantage of being an adult lol!  My fiancé found the lemon poppyseed loaf to be on the sweet size with the glaze, while I found it a good balance of tart and sweet - I may have to bake something simular at home soon! And we both agreed the brownie was pretty darn awesome

Our accountant had ate breakfast prior, and with the portion sizes being rather large, we were pretty full after sharing the sandwiches and sweets... will need to come back soon to try out their other sandwiches, a mushroom pot pie and brunch items... which in my lack of caffeine stupor in the morning, I completely missed seeing the brunch menu! (and I'm sure it was right in front of my face too lol!) They're a wine and tapas bar in the evening, so maybe we'll have to come back in the evening sometime too :P But its definetely a quaint and relaxing café to have coffee or tea, sweets or savouries at!

Café Blackbird
Address 9640 142 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5N 4B2
Phone 780-451-8890
Hours Mon-Thur 7am-10pm, Fri 7am-midnight, Sat 9am-midnight, Sun 9am-5pm
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