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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Frankfurt in a day - Walking tour con't and Kleinmarkthalle, Frankfurt's largest indoor farmer's market Part 3

We started off our walking tour of Frankfurt by fueling up at the best (award 2013) bakery in Germany -  Bäckerei HansS (see previous post with bakery goodies here), continued on with the top Aldstalt (Old Town) sites, churches and Frankfruters (see previous post with what to look for, do and eat).. now we've worked up an appetite and hit up Frankfurt's largest indoor farmer's market: Kleinmarkthalle!

We almost walked past it as we didn't know what to look for - a squat looking concrete building... this way into Kleinmarkthalle! (Address:  Hasengasse 5, 60311 Frankfurt am Main).  Its one of Frankfurt's pride and joys, and its easy to fall in love with the charming old school farmer's market within.

Where to start? Well, we saw a huge line up of folks and a delicious scent of cooked sausages, so we joined the line up at for excellent sausage at Metzgerei Schreiber. And we found out why - its practically a place foodies and sausage lovers pilgrimage to when in Frankfurt... selling sausages since 1979.. nom!

You can meet Ilse Schreiber, "the soul of Kleinmarkthalle" and the "Queen of the sausages who's super friendly and will let you know what's in each sausage despite the huge line up behind us! Sausages are sold hot and ready to eat, or cold to take home to eat later.

We tried our best to try all four types of sausages they had!  They previously sold 6 types, but have shaved it down to the four most popular due to super long line ups.  The Krakauer sausage is a pale pink densely packed  finely-ground pork sausages seasoned with garlic and caraway.  They are smoked and then briefly dropped in boiling hot water to reheat them.. sooo good!  The Gelbwurst or “yellow sausage”, is a traditional pork and veal sausage invented in 1905 and is juicy and delicious!  Served with your choice of freshly baked bun and delicious homemade mustard

The Rindswurst or beef sausage is a darker colored as its made from pure beef -  made originally by Frankfurt butcher Gref-Volsing in1894 to cater to the growing Jewish population in the city... we unfortuantly ran out of stomach space to try,  but we did make space for Fleischwurst, or Bologna sausage that is a pale pink pork sausage that has a very soft, almost spongey textture... juicey and delicious!

We also picked up a jar of the lovely smooth and tasty mustard to bring home.. too bad we couldn't bring some sausage home too!

And we picked up some fruit from his lovely gent who was very knowlegable about his produce.. made me wish we had access to a kitchen as he sold fresh truffles too! *swoon*

There were beautiful flowers and arrangements at Gärtnerei Scharf

spices, teas, cheese, delis, butchers..

And then we headed upstairs (yes there's more!)

There's a few wine bars, a butcher and fishmonger upstairs and Alla vita Buona -a little Italian store that seemed to sell everything and anything Italian, run by the Masi family for over 20 years!

We were too full to try their freshly made pasta (cooked as well as packages you can take home to cook), so we digested with a orange bitter soda and combated sleepiness (we did wake up at 5am!) with an excellent cappuccino.

After filling up at Kleinmarkthalle, its a short jaunt to the Hauptwache building or "main guard-house".  It was built in  1730 and was a prison and now has a tasty café, which we didn't have tummy room to try.  One of the main train stations is named after it.

Right beside it is the Katharinenkirche or St. Catherine's Church - its the largest Lutheran church in Frankfurt.

Nearby is Eschenheimer Turm -it look like a princess castle stacked atop of Rapunzel's tower lol. It was originally a city gate as part of the late-medieval fortifications since the 15th century.

I can't remember if we walked or trained to the Alte Oper (Old Opera).  Its the original opera house in Frankfurt and still operates as a concert hall. Built in 1880, destroyed by bombs in 1944 and slowly rebuilt in the 1970s, and opening again in 1981.

We ended the day with training, then strolling through Freßgass "devour alley" or Kalbächer Gasse and Große Bockenheimer Straße - its a pedestrian-only street section that has lots of cafes and shops. 

There's lots more to see in Frankfurt, but we only had a day, so we headed off after to eat at Part 4: Apfelwein (apple wine) house time at Zum Gemalten Haus!

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