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Monday 21 April 2014

Vendome Cafe Calgary, AB Home to indulgent Eggs Benedicts, Duck confit paninis and desserts!

We lucked out one sunny Sunday morning when we walked into Vendome and there was a free table and there was no line up at the cashier!  You're greeted in this quaint and cozy brick building by delicious breakfasty smells, warmth and happy chatter of patrons digging into their yummy brunches or enjoying a cup of coffee.  Even after doubling their seating area, its super busy on the weekend, and a line up out the door magically appeared behind us as we ordered our food.  Its order food, grab your numbered stick, find a free table and the friendly and informative waitstaff will bring out your order.
It was just me and my cousin, so we couldn't order the whole menu (we were really hungry, but it would be pretty epic to even try to eat a bite or 2 of everything they offer!).  You can read up on a previous review here of a group of 4. We changed things up a bit this time around.. normally, I have the duck panini, and my cousin always goes with an eggs benny.  He's never tried the duck panini before, and it didn't take much to convince him to try it... knowing that I was going to give him some of my eggs benny!  Well, I was going to steal a portion of the duck panini off my cousin's plate :)  While he enjoyed a cup of coffee, I had a nice big cup of chai latte which was a bit on the sweet side (love it!) and had plenty of cinnamon notes to warm me up to my toes.

I had the full sized Salmon Gravlax Eggs Benedict with house cured salmon, red onion, caper, dill and cream cheese.  A generous thick layer of creamy cheese is spread on crisp toast (the same they use for their paninis I think), and piled high with lusciously smooth and silky house cured salmon. I could eat this salmon all day.  I think they inspired me to attempt to make some... nah, I'll just buy and eat more hahaha!

A poached egg sits atop - today, it was a bit over on the solid rather than runny side, and then topped with some in house made hollandaise sauce, chopped dill, capers and fresh sprouts. Hubba hubba!!

My cousin devoured the full sized Duck Confit Panini with caramelized onion, truffl e aioli. The duck is lovingly confitted, I'm guessing sous vide style, shredded and sandwiched between a a thick layer of the truffle aioli and hedged in by a golden brown crisp panini bread. There's a smattering of sweet caramelized onions and its a rich and indulgent bite.

The duck was a bit overdone and a shade on the dry side, but you barely notice it as the generous amounts of aioli that just faintly tastes of truffles encases it and you're left with fingers practically dripping with sauce.  I'm sad to see the refreshing housemade coleslaw of the past that helped cleanse the palate is gone, but there was a small portion of cut up fresh fruit in its place.

We ran out of tummy space for dessert, but I did end up taking another full sized duck panini to go for my boyfriend who was out running errands.

Overall, still a great place for a tasty indulgent bunch with a cozy welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious eats.  You'd just wish you'd had more tummy space.

Vendome Cafe
Address 940 2 Avenue Northwest, Calgary, AB
Phone (403) 453-1140
Hours Open daily for breakfast and lunch
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