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Wednesday 4 December 2013

Mercer's Catering Edmonton, AB - tasty dessert platter

The friendly folks at Mercer's Catering ran a promotion a little while ago, giving out free dessert platters to those that retweeted a tweet of theirs on Twitter... I had thought it was a contest until we were contacted and well, ended up with a dessert platter - thank you!  As I used to work downtown, and have ordered and ate my share of catered food, its hard to judge Mercer's as it was just the dessert platter and so we don't have a full picture of how their hot and cold catered items are, so we'll just be looking at the desserts on the dessert platter.

I had asked my boyfriend to take individual pictures of the treats while I was busy with something else... but he has a sweet tooth and ended up taking a grand total of TWO pictures before digging into the treats that we shared with our friends.  So, apologize for the minimal pictures - you know who to blame.  That said, as the treats were nicely varied, I understand why he didn't bother waiting to take a bunch of pics and just started stuff his face with:

The cakes were moist and topped with fresh, lightly sweetened whipped cream.  The brownies by far stole the show - dense flavorful bites of chocolate, coconut, caramel... mmm!  The central brown things are circles of crisp caramel disks with a milk chocolate bottom.  I'm not certain if Mercer's creates all their desserts from scratch as the central tasty caramel chocolate disks I've seen commercially available elsewhere.

But as a dessert platter you can order to go with a catered lunch, it has nice portion sizes balanced out with a good variety of choices, and a good way to wrap up lunch!

Mercer's Catering
Address 12514 124 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 0N2
Phone (780) 431-0972 
Hours daily Mon-Fri, and for special events 

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