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Wednesday 6 August 2014

Goats on the Roof Coombs, Victoria - tasty eats!

For the most part, our friends thought we were nuts to take a ferry over to Victoria and drive 2-3hours to a little farmer's market where they also happen to have goats on the roof. That is until we brought home all sorts of tasty goodies to share! So what is so darn special about Goats on the Roof?

This place seems to grow everytime we drop by from a little dinky shop with mischevious goats that loved to graze on teh roof -to a virtual village of little shops with the expanded indoor shop as the focal point... that's where all the tasty food is.. like locally collected honey:

Freshly baked bread...

Lots of savory and sweet goodies..

A little section for toys...

A delish little counter of smoked and cured meats/fish..

So after a jaunt thru and picking up all sorts of random snacks... for lunch, we munch on a selection of tasty salmon jerky

chocolate milk...

Saddened that there wasn't much cheese in the cheese breads anymore.. but still nice and fluffy and made good sandwiches later

...savory awesome delicious spinach and cheese buns

And hit up the Coombs General Store down the road to eyeball up the cool antiques they had displayed on the walls and send postcards before loading up all our groceries, random local snacks in the car and meandered our way back to Victoria.
Until next time!

Goats on the Roof, Coombs Victoria 
Address 2246 Alberni Highway, Nanaimo District, Coombs, BC V0R1M0 
Phone (250) 248-6272 
Hours 9am-6pm daily
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