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Monday 28 July 2014

Pho Que Huong Vietnamese Noodle House Calgary, AB - tasty quick beef satay noodle soup at this Vietnamese restaurant

During a quick weekend trip down to Calgary a few weeks back, me and my cousin stopped by Pho Que Huong to grab a quick bowl of beef satay noodle soup.  While its not known to be the best place for beef satay noodle soup, we were in the area and hungry, knew service tends to be pretty fast... and we wanted food nooooow!
After peering at the menu, you scribble down what you want on the order form, and the wait staff deliver you food order to the kitchen and the drink order to the front.  Efficient!  My cousin was sleepy, so he got a glass of Vietnamese iced coffee.  It was made really quickly, with the coffee added to the condensed milk and ice prior to having it set down at the table which we found was odd, as most places leave the coffee to drip at a glacial rate at tableside so you get a much richer and stronger coffee.  I'd suggest they do that next time as while it was tasty, the coffee had the strength of a regular cuppa joe, rather than a good caffeine and flavor kick we were expecting.

My jackfruit shake was served in a bubble tea cup and was loaded up with plenty of sweet jackfruit. What does jackfruit taste like?  Its simular to pineapple and has a strong scent simular to durian.. but much much much more mild and waaaay more pleasant!

After a few minutes of chating and enjoying our drinks, hot steaming aromatic bowls of beef satay noodle soup come out!  My cousin had the large and I had the regular bowl, which was still a hefty bowl of soft rice vermicelli, rare beef slices, cilantro and green onions swimming in a mildly spicy peanut based satay fragrant  soup. Nomnomnom!

You can dress it up with crisp sprouts, and fresh basil if you like

Overall, a decent place to grab a quick satay noodle soup.

Pho Que Huong Vietnamese Noodle House
Address  Pacific Place Mall, 999 36 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A7T1
Phone (403) 207-9896
Hours Open daily for lunch and supper
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