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Monday 26 May 2014

Meat and Bread Vancouver, BC - tasty awesome sandwiches all from scratch!

While in town for a wedding last year, me and by boyfriend hunted down Meat and Bread to try out their all in house made sandwiches.  It also doesn't hurt its been featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives on Food Network… There's 2 locations, the original one on Cambie, and one on Pender Street.. we went to the one on Cambie.  onto the foooood!

When we first found them... we happened to go on the one they day were closed a week.  Nooooooo! :( Ah, well, we took some nice pics of the place anyhoos...

And returned the next day hahaha!  This place was hopping!  Line ups were out the door and everyone sits at communal tables after ordering and picking up your sandwiches.

There is a large cutting board area with warming lamps at the front where the infamous Porchetta (pork rolled up with herbs and slow roasted for hours) is carved and chopped up.. tender bits of meat, crispy skin and all!

Then you go further down the line where the rest of the sandwiches are assembled, sauced and sides are picked up

While you wait, there's plenty of butchery and kitchen related items to gawk at like the impressive row of knives hanging upon the wall, an old boxing punching sand bag amongst the white exposed air ducts and brickwork that give this place a clean look
We went with the day's specials - usually the Porchetta stays as its a fan favorite, but all other sandwiches get changed up daily.  The Porchetta sandwich is piled high with moist flavourful roasted herbed pork pieces intermingled with crispy crunchy pork skin.  Its simular to the crackling skin you'd find on Chinese BBQ pork... sooo rich and yummy!!  I dipped it into some of their house made mustard (the yellow blob).

Its generously dosed with some salsa verde which cuts some of the grease and adds a bright note to the sandwich.  The bread surprisingly stays intact despite all the meat, sauce and good stuff dripping into it.  The Ciabatta bread is made by Swiss Bakery… great job! (the same bakery that was the first to introduce Canada to the Frissant… known as the cronut in NYC).

What we enjoyed even more than the infamous Porchetta was their Meatball Sandwich. Say what?! Yes.. their Meatball sandwich is NOT to be missed.
Big juicy moist and seasoned tender meatballs smothered in a slightly sweet tomato sauce, topped with Parmesan petals… hubba hubba!!

the SIDEs
We had the sides of the day which happened to be a potato soup with dill (I think.. I really should have taken a picture of the menu) which was delicious and filling

As well as a really tasty tex mex salad that had roasted corn, sweet bell peppers, beans, tomatoes and all sorts of yummy fixings.

Overal, a great place to grab a tasty sandwich, soup and salad.. just arrive early as its busy and you want to have a sandwich, soup and salad for lunch!

Meat and Bread
Address 370 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V6B1H7
Phone None.
Hours Mon-Sat: 11am-5pm, Closed Sundays
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