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Monday 25 November 2013

China Palace Restaurant Calgary, AB - Tasty congee, Chinese donuts and noodles

Once in a while I get a craving for comfort Chinese food.  Nothing fancy, but just the Chinese equivalent to mac and cheese, chili, soup or stews on a cool winter night.  Luckily my aunt in Calgary was craving the same and we went to this hole in the wall that made exactly what we were looking for.. savory slow cooked congees, fried noodles and delish crisp Chinese donuts that are sooo addictive!

Congee is essentially jamine rice slow cooked in either chicken, seafood or pork based broth for hours until its a smooth savory thickened soup, then seafood, meats, nuts, other savories, fresh herbs are added to it and you just dig right into the hot bowl of yummy comfort!  We went with a Chef's Special Congee which was chock full of shrimp, squid and basa fillet pieces (they're at the bottom and I forgot to take a picture - well, cuz I was already digging in!)

We also tried the Lean pork and preserved egg congee which is exactly that - lean bits of pork and small cubes of 1000 year old preserved egg are added to the smooth creamy congee base, lending it both savory and creaminess.

Now, congee is pretty healthy, so we balanced it with some deep fried goodness: crispy Chinese Long donuts.

These are made in house and are hot, crisp and so addictive, this huge cut up plate of them (to make it easier to dunk into congee or just pop into your mouth) disappear like magic!

We also Pan fried rice noodles with beef which was surprisingly not overly greasy and had plenty of beef and bean sprouts to give it a savory nomnomnom.

And as we were craving something with a bit of crunch, we also had the Pan fried chow mein with assorted seafood...

which was super loaded up with fresh seafood perfectly cooked, and balanced with a healthy serving of stir fried veges redolent with garlic and ginger.

Overall, a great little place to get some comfort Chinese food - delish congee, chinese donuts and noodles!

China Palace Restaurant
Address # 21, 6219 Centre St. N.W. Calgary, AB
Phone (403) 275-2386
Hours Open daily for lunch and dinner
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