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Monday 8 July 2013

My Fries Edmonton, AB - seasoned fries, poutine and chill fires.. all baked with no oil in a special oven!

One of my foodie friends raved about My Fries at a get together a little while ago.  Who doesn't love fries?  But we all hate how fries tend to end up on our hips, bottoms and other areas we like to glare at in the mirror.  So when he told me these guys use a special oven and no grease, no oil... just plain cut potatoes that still end up crispy goodness... I was definitely intrigued.  Well, of course, they also have a slew of toppings that can up the calories like gravy, chili... etc.  But healthy, tasty crispy fries? Sounds almost too good to be true... so we had to go find out!

Located in a new strip mall in the west end, the dining area has a cool modern look highlighted by the fine chain veils separating the booths.

With a long assembly counter complete with a lot of topping choices...

And the special oven that bakes the thin cut fries super fast and without oil for a crispy finish!

We ended up choosing the chill cheese poutine and the poutine to give a whirl.  Within a few minutes, our order was freshly baked up and loaded up with toppings into some takeout boxes.  The fries are quite thin cut - think McD's skinny.  I understand the thinner and smaller cut the fry, the faster it bakes, but ts a shame they don't do thick cut or tater cut fries,a s they would hold up under various poutine toppings better.

The beef gravy on the poutine was thin, salty and oddly tasted tomatoey instead of like beef stock.  Cheese wasn't super squeaky like Cheese Factory made ones, but melted a bit and had a faint squeak to them when you bit in.  You had to eat fast though, as the fries, while nice and baked crispy, rapidly became soggy (if it was in the gravy) and an odd starchy rough texture as it cooled (for fries that were just plain).

The chill cheese poutine faired better, with a tasty chill that complemented its base of fries that absorbed the chill and became a tasty mooshy mess.  The cheese sauce resemble the fake cheese sauce that comes with nachos at the theatres, and the amount of sour creme is practically non-existent, but still a filling and tasty poutine. Mmm.

If you're a fan of baked thin cut fries, or like your fries smothered and mooshy, then MyFries will be an easy favorite.  If you prefer your fries staying crisp the whole time then you may want to eat these baked fries fast.

My Fries
Address 16934 107 Ave Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5P4C3
Phone (780) 487-4873
Hours Mon-Sat: 10:30am-8pm. Closed Sundays
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