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Tuesday 15 November 2011

Serious Coffee and Dutch Bakery Victoria, BC - Best sausage rolls ever!!!

On a sunshine-y weekend, we headed off in search of some local favorites, and we weren't looking in vain when we stopped off for some Serious Coffee and pastries at the Dutch Bakery!

Serious Coffee
Yup, they take their coffee seriously. Only available on Vancouver Island, the scent of rich roasted coffee beans is in the air long before you enter the flower filled outdoor patio or its cool interior.

There was a decent selection, with the types of roasts and organic fair trade beans listed on the side - freshly ground of course - they advertise the coffee beans are locally roasted too!

The taste of the coffee? I won't pretend to be a coffee connoisseur, though I do love the scent and flavor of a freshly roasted and brewed cuppa joe. Taste profile was was smooth, and similar to Starbucks though leaving a less astringent finish than Starbucks.

Dutch Bakery
After enjoying a leisurely cuppa joe, we head over to the Dutch Bakery, renown amongst the locals as having the best pastries - both sweet and savory... and opened for years and years. As we approached, we could smell the yummy goodness wafting out its doors, and we had to grin at the old school signage out front:

We were almost drawn against our will to smoosh our noses into the glass to peer inside.. heehee! A small part of me cheered at the sight of the 100% butter sign for their cookies. Butter is awesome, and I'm heartened they use butter in their cookies!

It was hard not to want to pick up at least one of everything, once we got inside. The staff are cheerful and friendly, offering up samples of a fresh batch of super buttery amazing cookies fresh out of the oven... and they didn't stint, handing out oven warm cookies to anyone who walked in, and several to little hopeful kids that came back for seconds and thirds.  We sampled a soft chewy almond coconut cookie and a rich buttery vanilla crisp cookie. Nom!
We ended up picking up a decadently rich Black Forrest cake (forgot to take pic sorry!), laced with plenty of thick pure cream and studded with huge candied cherries. We ate on the spot a beef and a turkey pie - no pic, as they were not as good as the sausage rolls we then tried when we saw this little display counter.
This simple innocent warm sausage roll packed a heck of a lot of flavor - savory salty with just a hint of spiciness, and all encased in a rich, flaky puff pastry that just melted on your tongue... they were incredibly delicious, and we just caught them at a good time, cuz they just came out of the oven... yummmmmmmy!
So we did them justice... after one bite, we looked at each other and went back and bought three entire boxes of them! Yes, they are THAT goood!  Should have bought more... once presented to my family, two dozen sausage rolls disappeared before they had a chance to cool down LOL!
Afterwards, we headed out in the sunshine to walk off all the delicious cookies and pastries... and nibbled on more of the awesome sausage rolls!

Serious Coffee
Address 2060 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 1E4
Phone (250) 590-8920
Hours 6:30am-6:30pm
Serious Coffee - Oak Bay Avenue on Urbanspoon

Dutch Bakery and Coffee Shop
Address 718 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1H2
Phone (250) 385-1012
Hours Tues- Sat 7:30am-5:30pm
Dutch Bakery on Urbanspoon

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Anonymous said...

FYI i recently talked to Jesse, the owner of that Serious Coffee you posted about in November. The Coffee beans are delivered fresh a couple times per week. They are roasted in Duncan by Serious Coffee and are only available on the Island. Thanks for all these reviews! said...

Thanks for the extra info! :) We would definetely consider ourselves Serious Coffee "newbies" ;D

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