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Saturday 25 June 2011

Twisted Yogurt Creations, Edmonton AB - bland soft serve but lotsa toppings!

Rating 6/10
After a hot bowl of ramen and sushi rolls at Nomiya, we popped over to Twisted Yogurt Creations right next door for dessert. The color scheme is as simplistic as the idea behind this self serve frogurt-ary.

1) Grab a container, plop in as much or little frozen yogurt you want from the soft serve machines. Going back and forth between different flavors and machines is okay - just let your inner kid out.
2) Top with all sorts of candy, nuts, fresh fruit, chocolate etc toppings as you want
3) Weigh it and pay for it
4) Eat your creation!

Having seen simular franchises in Hawaii, I was excited to try this frozen yogurt place that has been tucked into the southside for a few months now. Flavors of the day included a low fat chocolate, plain, mango, blueberry, strawberry, purple cow (think grape koolaid), and blackberry.  They come out of soft serve machines and you can twist your yogurt into a circular pile, a twist, or an artistically misshapened blob.  

The frozen yogurt tasted closer to an extremely watered down soft serve at McDonald's than of frozen yogurt. Most of the flavors was faint (despite the deceptive bright colors) and artificial.  Still, with the number of flavor choices, you can create a kaleidoscope of soft pastel yogurt peaks and landscape it with over 50 toppings.

The best part was a large assortment of dry toppings: pecans, peanuts, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, crushed chocolate bars (skor, oh henry, coffee crisp, smarties), toasted coconut, cereal and gummybears was some of the few I identified, along with a decent selection of fresh fruit: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, pineapple, canned peaches and maraschino cherries.  You can also drizzle your creation with chocolate or caramel lava.. err.. sauce.

If you're looking for something cold on a hot summer afternoon, and enjoy letting your inner child out by disgusing your frogurt with a mountain of toppings, this would hit the spot. If you're looking for a frozen yogurt that actually tastes like yogurt, I'd stick to YogenFruz. Twisted Yogurt should probably revamp their frozen yogurt recipe for this franchise to explode and become a household name. Bakers rejoice... quoting a fellow foodie "at $0.49/oz for pecans, how can that not be a good deal?"

Twisted Yogurt Creations
Address 650-3803 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB
Phone 780-440-4955
Hours open daily till about 9pm
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eese said...

Agreed..was NOT impressed with their yogurt at all..but the toppings sort of make up for it :D

Anonymous said...

Tried this a few months back, and yeah it sucks. Horrible and totally watered down. No wonder the place was empty.

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